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Pope thanks Slovak Jews for opening doors to healing and fraternity

Pope Francis pays tribute to Slovak Jews, victims of persecution, and thanks the Jewish Community in Bratislava for opening doors on the path to healing and fraternity.

Pope’s energy inspires Slovaks in faith

Slovaks are surprised by Pope Francis’ energy, despite his age, exhorting all to live their faith, says the spokesman of the Slovak bishops.

Pope in Slovakia: Jewish-Christian dialogue is key to the future

Maroš Borský, Secretary of the Commission for Dialogue between the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities and the Catholic Church talks about the giant steps forward taken in the past five years.

Pope in Slovakia: Fostering Jewish-Christian relations

As Pope Francis meets with the Jewish community on Monday in Bratislava, a Slovak theologian reflects on Jewish-Christian relations, and the importance of education.

Pope to Slovakia’s clergy: The Church needs freedom, creativity and dialogue

Pope Francis encourages the bishops, priests, and religious of Slovakia to work for a humble Church in the freedom of the Gospel, the creativity of faith, and in dialogue that promotes unity.

Slovak Jesuits: Meeting with Pope ‘strengthened our identity’

Pope Francis met in private with Jesuits from all over Slovakia at the Apostolic Nunciature in Bratislava on Sunday evening. The encounter was relaxed and filled with questions and answers, jokes, and expressions of encouragement in an era of pandemic, secularization and decline in vocations.

Pope encourages Slovakia to fraternity, hospitality, solidarity

Pope Francis addressed government officials, diplomats and civil and religious leaders of Slovakia in the capital, Bratislava. He encouraged Slovaks to fraternity, hospitality and solidarity.

Pope in Slovakia: Bethlehem Centre 'a beacon of hope for poor and homeless'

On Monday, the first full day of his visit to Slovakia, Pope Francis makes a private visit to the Bethlehem Centre for the homeless and needy in Bratislava, to see for himself the tireless work carried out by the Missionary Sisters of Charity.

Pope in Slovakia: A gift from the faithful

When Pope Francis visits the Cathedral of St Martin in Bratislava on Monday, he will be presented with the reproduction of a renowned sculpture of St Martin and the Beggar, on the occasion of his Apostolic Journey to Slovakia.

Pope in Slovakia: St Martin’s Cathedral, a place of faith and charity

As Pope Francis visits St Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava on Monday for a meeting with Bishops, priests, religious, consecrated persons, seminarians and catechists, the cathedral’s vicar speaks about this place of charity, and expectations for the encounter.