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Commitment to Parish Life

We are blessed in so many ways at St. Pius X, especially through the loyalty and devotion of our fellow parishioners. This genuine commitment to our parish has helped us to sustain the ministries we offer and our outreach to the community.

We have entered a new phase of prayerful reflection on how best to sustain the ministries and services we offer at St. Pius. It is our hope that each who one who values the faith community of St. Pius X will reflect upon:

1. the meaningful role St. Pius X Parish plays in our lives,
2. active participation in our ministries, and
3. a renewed and sustained commitment in support of our parish at this time.

As you may be aware, the parish offers a convenient method of sustained support known as our Commitment to Parish Life Program (CPL). It is our hope that those who value St. Pius X Parish, whether actively involved today or as loyal parishioners in years past, will prayerfully consider how they personally commit to supporting our ministry as fellow parishioners.

Highlights of our Commitment to Parish Life Program include:
- The opportunity for you to become more actively involved in the life and ministries of the parish.

- An invitation to consider a sustained offertory commitment to St. Pius X to be contributed through a more convenient annual,          semi-annual, quarterly, monthly or the traditional weekly method, as you may choose.

- The ability for our parish to strategically address a variety of present and future challenges; not the least of which is escalating utility, maintenance and health care costs.
It is our hope that we, as parishioners of St. Pius X, will call to mind and spirit the importance of our faith in Jesus Christ. Our sincere prayer remains that each of us will continue to demonstrate, to the best of our means, our shared commitment to one another by helping sustain the life and vitality of our parish community at St. Pius X.

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